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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love My Family.. part 2

Salam alayk,

Now, I am in Mawaddah's new school. She is now having culture shock maybe. She don't know I am with her actually. She cried loudly, but it's okay.. crying is a learning. If she don't cry, she don't learn.

Continue part 1:

While we're waiting abang Suria and K. Hanin, I just fall asleep, tired perhaps, and K. Wani surfing internet. On 3.16 p.m, they come back simultaneously with abang Hadi and abang Iskandar. We went to Alamanda together but not in the same car. K. Suhaila and A. Faizi arrived already, about 10 to 15 minutes A. Hafiz and K. Suhaila Jamunai come after. A. Suria treated popcorn and drink while watching cinema. In fact, A. Suria had seen the movie already, but he watch twice to accompany us. A. Fendi had some problem which stop him from reach there earlier. He arrived when the movie about half being played. Next, we planned to play bowling. Unfortunately, there is no vacancy for us, too full. We wait about an hour, but there is still no vacancy. At last, we went to entertainment centre. We played basket ball, game cars, and much more. Oh for your information, A. Hadi won the car game and I was the second place! third A. Iskandar, K. Wani is the fourth and A. Suria is the last. We laughed loudly when we realized A. Suria was the last place, include K. Hanin. We finished our game around 9.26 p.m and decided to eat at food court. Again, A. Suria treats. I ate Cantonese Kuey Tiow. Before go to carpark, K. Wani bought cookies brand Famous Amos for ibu and ayah at home. While walking to car park, Abang Suira hold my hand and suddenly A. Iskandar pull my hand to not to hold A. Suria.. He is jealous, I know that. But after a while I notice A. Iskandar is holding A. Suria's hand.. Urgh.. No wonder he did so.. At the escalator we shake hand and hug A. Suria and K. Hanin before went home. Thank you Abang Suria and K. Hanin for everything, we really had a lots of fun.. and I'm very proud of having a caring brother like him.

Everyone is here!

Yeah! Basket ball ;)

Need For Speed?

Aim! Aim! whoa!

Salam Ukhuwah.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Syukur Ya Rabbi..

Salam alayk,

I told you already about to continue my story at my brother's house but I think I want to write about something that Allah had given to me four days ago. On 23rd December, all students form three took their results at schools. Ya Allah, this was the hardest time for me to get through. I don't have an appetite to eat, I couldn't sleep well and I also frequently having bad dreams about my result. I struggled enough, and I hope I did the best. Also my friends, we did all together isn't it? I won't forget our sweet memories.. I will keep them all in my heart. Back to our main topic, I got the result already.. I feel like collapsing when I got the result because.. I did IT! Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.. I got 9A's. We're all so happy especially my parents, of course. I cried happily, Alhamdulillah.. I know this is just a first step for me to be a doctor, but I feel very grateful once I passed the step greatly. And I hope this step would lead better for other steps ahead. Congratulations to all my friends! Whether they 9A's or not, I'm sure all of you did the best on this final exam, just Allah want to test His slaves whether they thanks to Him or not. Actually, the one who gets 9A also is being test by Him. Are we getting further from Him or vise versa? And for someone who felt their results worse caused of they not struggle to study, alhamdulillah if you realized so, but you can't do anything to change it back, so think about your future. SMA and SPM (for secondary school) is more important and I hope all of us can do our best in the next final exam, ameen.

About 9A's, in my school, there are about 32 students who achieve straight A's. The truth is, accomplishment for this year is decreased. On 2009, there about 40 pupils get straight A's. I'm sure our principal felt a bit disappointed, of course she target higher goal for this year. But we made her down, perhaps. Ummi, if you read my blog now, we are so sorry about our attainment this year, we know that you always do the best for us, and we want you to know that you're the best principal We've ever had, Ummi. We love you so much. Insya-Allah, we will do our best for the next final exam, SMA. We hope, we won't ever let you down again.

For all teachers thank you very much for all your support, du'a, and motivation. May Allah pays all deeds you have done, especially for all form 3 teachers. O' Allah, please give to our teachers a good health, vigorous their iman, bold their heart in the way to teach us, help them in become a devout person, lead them with your guidance, protect them from tomb chastisement and the day of punishment. O' Allah please accept their repentant. Ameen.

s/p: Ibu, ayah, you're the best parents ever, thanks a lot of your du'a, support and motivation, you will always be in my du'a, your beloved daughter, Syahirah..

Salam Ukhuwah.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Love My Family!

Salam alayk,

Sometimes whenever Allah gives us comfort everyday, we didn't receive it as a pleasure from Him. Because we feel that everything we have now is a must and we have to have it without failed. One day, I read a poem, the contents is trying to tell us (I'm explaining with my own words) that delights that always been forgotten are safety and health. This sentence give a big meaning to me. When I look myself, I have something special which not everyone get what I got. It is my family. We are really love each other. I do think so, because plenty of my friends always have problems with their siblings.. I mean serious problems. But Alhamdulillah.. we're not! I have eight siblings and I'm the youngest. I closed with everyone in my family.. I have no problem to hug and kiss all my family members. In fact, every time I go out with my family, I used to hold someone's hand and I noticed not everyone likes to be hold to. But my family? all of them were available.. except abang Iskandar...Yes, he didn't feel comfortable to do so.

Actually, I want to share to you where I have been yesterday. Abang Suria which is my first brother asked ibu's permission to take us out. So, I and k. Wani slept at his house last two days in Putrajaya. He always try to make us feel comfortable when we are with him. Also his wife, my sister in law, k. Hanin. They treat us nicely. Early in the morning after performed Solah, we went to park to jog. Wow, that was exciting when there are many facilities of excercise! I and k. Wani tried all the facilities provided happily =D. After tired jogging, we went to a stall at center of apartment in Percint 10, I guess. The stall is owned by Kelantanese people. So, you can find nasi kerabu, laksam and many more in breakfast! I feel a bit suprised when abang Suria eat Nasi Kerabu with ayam goreng for his breakfast, k. Hanin also. Actually, k. Hanin is Kelantanese =) .
After eat, we went back to abang Suria's house until 3 o'clock, we went to Alamanda to go to cinema! We watched the movie of Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. Around 12 o'clock a. Suria and k. Hanin will be attending for a wedding. So, just both of us were in the big house while waiting to go Alamanda. Urm.. it's a quite late now.. so, to be continued..

I' m doing Sit Up!

This is my abang Suria

K. Hanin and her Batu Seremban

K. Hanin and K. Wani are practicing Tai-Chi, while I still Sit Up.

Salam Ukhuwah.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm hurt...

Salam alayk,

Hello World, Time run so fast! next year, I will be a form four student, yeah! Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for giving me chances to live. Time passed make me more mathured. Last two days, I went PAS for reunion Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira'. All students ( girls) standard six '07 had our reunion after talked in Facebook. Unfortunately, only four of us came to the PAS for reunion. Where are the others? Oh, I feel very sad. Actually, there is a misunderstanding between us. I don't know what had I done, but obviously, I had made someone hurt. And that give a big impact for our reunion seeming many of us were on her side. I tried to talk to her nicely, but she really doesn't want to talk to me. After few days, I realized, that some of my friends is trying to avoid from communicate with me ( my primary school's friends). But, Alhamdulillah, I have really good friends in SAMTTAJ and they're willing to help. Hear my problems, sharing tears. Oh Allah, thanks for giving me such a good friends I've ever had! For all my friends, I hope, if I've done even a really big mistake, please tell me.. don't try to avoid yourself from me. Because.. it's really hurt. Nobody want to be treated such.

I ending my post with some pictures of our reunion:-

I'm the one who is holding the newspaper. Promoting Metro!

Syahirah, Izyan, Asmaa' and Ain. =)

Salam Ukhuwah.