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Sunday, January 23, 2011

H1N1 + Migrane = Weak..

Salam alayk,

I am now in my house. Not at hostel.. although I ought to be there now. On last Monday, I 'm having headache! and my body temperature is quite high.. means? yes.. I'm having fever. In fact, I've been like this about several months ago. I don't sure what happened to me until on the last Monday night, my mother took me home looking I called her on evening, complaining that I could not concentrate in class caused of this headache and on and off fever. Uh, I'm glad to be at home. The next day, we went to Dunia Medic Clinic. Maybe, the doctor had bored of having the same patient, I think.. No, no.. she is a good doctor. I knew her name, Dr. Saimah =). She recommended us to have a thorough check up at DEMC. We went there and wait to meet the doctor about three hours because we didn't make an appointment. At last, my turn.. 5518. We met the doctor and I'm warded.

On Wednesday, I went to MRI room for brain scanning and went for blood test. Ouch!! quite painful (blood test)... The following day, Thursday, the doctor came and told the result. Alhamdulillah, I'm okay, nothing abstruse. But, I'm still having fever, on and off. Next morning, I have to do the blood test again. Another ouch!.. and went for chest scanning...Doctor came as usual and told that the blood test is clear, normal. But still waiting the chest scan result. The doctor than took some mucus through my nose using a stick for a sample to analyse, O Allah, so painful! My tears rolling down my cheeks. This one the most painful. Friday.. Doctor Noraziah came a bit late from usual. And when she came, she was wearing mask, covering his nose and mouth, nurse on her side also done the same thing. We felt a bit odd. My mother asked, How doctor? the doctor just being silent and make her eyes smaller shows she is smiling behind the mask. She checked me first as usual and start to talk. She said that the headache that I often have is caused of migrane and the fever that I always have is because I am positive H1N1. I can't go back home if I still having fever.

And the doctor said, the virus is obtained from student at my school which came back from oversea. They do not having H1N1, just bring the virus to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, on Friday and Saturday I'm not having fever, maybe the antibiotic and H1N1 medicine that I took had shown the effect. On Sunday, I can go back home. Hoooray!! But, I have to quarantine about a week at house and everyone in my house have to wear mask, including me of coarse. Today is Monday and alhamdulillah, I feel healthier. This Saturday, road run will be held at my school. I hope I could join the programme. Dr. Noraziah said, my quarantine will last on this Friday. When I asked ibu for me to join, ibu don't want me to go because she is caring of my health. O Allah, please give everything the best for me. Ameen.

Salam Ukhuwah.